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Psychodrama Books and Articles

Psychodrama References

The Double: The Essence of "I AM"

Dream Sociodrama

The Love and Marriage of Psychodrama and Drama Therapy

Children’s Therapeutic Puppet Theatre--Action, Interaction, and Cocreation.

Entre dos Mundos/Between Two Worlds: Using the acculturation spectrogram in psychodrama intervention for promoting biculturalism in immigrant families

The Integration of Psychodrama with Bowen’s Theories in Couples Therapy

The Containing Double as Part of Therapeutic Spiral Model for Treating Trauma Survivors

Classical and Contemporary Psychodrama: A Multifacted, Action-Oriented Psychotherapy

Psychodrama and Trauma: Implications for Future Interventions of Psychodramatic Role-Playing Modalities

The Couple's Therapist as Coaching Double in a Model Encounter

Sociometry: Tools for research and Practice

Empowering Through Psychodrama: A Qualitative Study at Domestic Violence Shelters

Psychodrama Group Therapy for Social Issues: A Systematic Review of Controlled Clinical Trials

Action Methods in Marriage and Family Therapy: A Review

Clinical Sociometry To Define Space In Family Systems

Introduction to the Special lssue on the Treatment of Couples and Families with Psychodrama and Action Methods

The Spontaneity Assessment Inventory: The Relationship between Spontaneity and Nonspontaneity

An Introduction to Chaos Theory for Psychodramatists

Escaping the Blame Frame: Experiential Techniques with Couples

Moreno's Sociometric Study at the Hudson School for Girls

The Employment Interview as a Sociometric Selection Technique

Sociometric Applications in a Corporate Environment

Sociodrama of Life and Death: Young Adults in Addiction Treatment

Chaos Theory and the Hollander Psychodrama Curve: Trusting the Process

Examining the Clinical Utility of the Moreno Social Atom Projective Test

Psychodrama and Family Therapy- What's in a Name

Addiction Treatment: Using the Empty Chair

Role of Catharsis in Group Psychotherapy

Therapeutic Theater and Spontaneity Goethe and Moreno

The Theatre of Spontaneity Book Review

The Subjective Genogram An Action Therapy Tool for Family of Origin Work

Non-clinical Psychodrama Lawyers and the Psychodramatic Method

A Reexamination of the Tele Effect

The Spontaneity Assessment Inventory (SAI) Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Tendency and Temporal Orientation